Adventure Time, Happy Hour-Pawtastic Style, Filled Kong, Homemade Dog Cookies, Holiday pic, Holiday dinner, Basic Bath, Nail Trims, Ear Cleaning 
Dogs are playing in our Open Kennel until 7pm. Animal must be picked up by 7pm. 
Females in heat are prohibited from attending Daycare or Lodging until two weeks after their heat cycle.
Animal staying overnight for a short stay or extended. Lodging animals are fed daily at 4:30pm.
Scheduling of a "Meet & Greet" with you pet to insure our Open Kennel Concept is the right fit for him/her. 

Filing out paperwork and documentation of vaccines required. 

Round trip or one-way pickup/drop off dogs in Escanaba or Gladstone. Must be booked ahead and pay cash/check or prepay by card.
Pricing is dependent on size of animal and coat condition. 
Calming Oil, Paw Wax, Keepsake Keychain, New Vet, New Joint, Prong Collar